Judicial Nominations

Thank you for your interest in serving on Maine’s Judiciary. This page provides information and instructions regarding the process.

Advisory Committee

The Governor uses a Judicial Nominations Advisory Committee consisting of experienced attorneys to review and advise on candidates for appointment. The Committee is established by Executive Order (PDF) and the current members are:

  • John A. Hobson, Esq., Chair
    Perkins Thompson
  • Dawn Pelletier, Esq.
    Pelletier & Faircloth
  • Gerard P. Conley Jr., Esq.
    Cloutier, Conley & Duffett
  • Joshua A. Tardy, Esq.
    Rudman & Winchell
  • Melissa A. Hewey, Esq.
    Drummond Woodsum
  • Jodi L. Nofsinger, Esq.
    Berman & Simmons
  • Daniel Rapaport, Esq.
    Preti Flaherty
  • Walter McKee, Esq.
    McKee Law
  • Gerald D. Reid, Esq.
    Office of the Governor
  • Derek P. Langhauser, Esq.
    Portland, Maine

Application Process

If you wish to be considered for a judgeship, please follow the instructions below. When you are ready to submit, please put your cover letter, resume and the pertinent Questionnaire (links below) into a single PDF and email that PDF to JudicialSelection.Governor@maine.gov.

For Attorneys Seeking Appointment to a Judgeship

This section applies to all attorneys seeking appointment to a judgeship who are first-time applicants or who filed applications before January 1, 2017. Such attorneys must submit electronically in one PDF these three documents:

  1. Cover letter not to exceed two pages summarizing your interest and qualifications;
  2. Resume not to exceed three pages that summarizes your:
    1. Employment Identify chronologically (starting with most recent) your employment since graduating from college. Include names and locations of employers, dates of employment, and the nature of each position.
    2. Bar Admissions Identify all courts, and administrative bodies with admission standards, to which you have been admitted for practice, with year(s) of admission.
    3. Education Identify each college and graduate school you have attended; dates of attendance; type and date of degrees awarded; honors received; and, if you left any institution without receiving a degree, state the reasons.
    4. Associations Identify all bar, professional civic, charitable, educational and fraternal organizations of which you are or have been a member, providing dates of membership, including any chairs, offices or committee memberships you regard as significant.
    5. Honors and Publications List any honors, awards or other forms of recognition that you regard as significant and publications that you have authored or co-authored, including the title, date and citations of each publication; and
  3. Download and Submit this Questionnaire (PDF).

For Current Judges Seeking Reappointment to Their Same Court

Current judges seeking reappointment to their same court must submit a:

  1. Cover letter not to exceed three pages stating your interest and summarizing your experience since your most recent appointment.
  2. Download and Submit this Questionnaire (PDF).

Note: This category includes judges seeking to move from active to active retired status but stay within the same court.

For Current Judges Seeking Appointment to a Different Court

Current judges seeking appointment to a different court must submit a:

  1. Cover letter not to exceed three pages stating your interest and summarizing your experience since your most recent appointment; and
  2. Download and Submit this Questionnaire (PDF).

Review Process

Our Office will acknowledge receipt of your materials. The Committee meets periodically depending on the rate of vacancies, and you will next be contacted if you are selected for an interview with the Committee. If you are so selected, you may be asked at that time to provide copies of a written work that you regard as reflective of your ability and experience, as well certain additional information.

Thank you.